Botanical Illustration: represents an archetypal member of a species through scientifically accurate depiction of a plant’s life cycle and structure.

Botanical art: balances the demands of accurately depicting an individual species (the science from botanical illustration) with the artistic requirements of a well-composed and interesting painting of a plant, flower and/or leaves. Besides combining art and science, botanical art draws together history and horticulture and highlights the contemporary issues of bio-diversity, conservation, health and well-being.

Floral art: focuses on an artist's impression or interpretation of plants and flowers without regard for botanical accuracy.



• Which has an aesthetic appeal, exhibiting the elements and principles of artistic design

• With the intent of eliciting an intellectual or emotional response from its audience

Having its prominent subject being the scientifically accurate portrayal of one or more plants or fungi.

• To scale (actual size or scaled enlargement or reduction).

• Free of animals except those which are interdependent with the plant and subordinated to the plant in their depiction. • Free of backgrounds except: solid colors, textured substrates or portrayal of the natural habitat of the plant and subordinated to the plant in its depiction.

Reflecting intimate knowledge and understanding of the subject based on firsthand observation by the artist.