Past Exhibition 2015: Forms Emerge

The Betty Mae Kramer Gallery and Music Room is pleased to present Forms Emerge, an exhibition of artworks by Montgomery County-based visual artists Kristine DeNinno, Pattie Porter Firestone, Eric Garner, Maggie Gourlay and Diane Szczepaniak.

Working with a broad variety of materials, the artists of Forms Emerge have advanced ideas and concepts most closely associated with minimalism, exploring and exploiting both form and shape to bring into greater focus our personal relationship with space and environment.

Kristine DeNinno utilizes special printmaking methods such as chine-collé to mimic three-dimensional forms to suggest the depth of interior and exterior spaces and fields. Her work seeks to invoke and distort the viewer’s interpretation of both tangible spaces and abstract spaces of the viewer’s subconscious.

Also engaging the idea of personal narratives with space is Maggie Gourlay, who recreates architectural plans and blueprints using thread to explore notions of home and memory as tied to interior, familiar spaces.

Pattie Porter Firestone’s three-dimensional works are inspired by the dynamic and unbounded energies of earth. Sculpting flat sheets of metal, Firestone’s works call to mind flowing water, lightning and sonic waves and invite the viewer to contemplate expansive and almost unfathomable spaces and phenomena.

Eric Garner and Diane Szczepaniak employ similar techniques in assembled wood and large watercolors, respectively, layering shapes and forms to create works where new forms seem to slowly emerge and unfold depending on the perspective of the viewer.

Organized by Betty Mae Kramer Gallery & Music Room Curator Amina K. Cooper, Forms Emerge will remain on view through August 28, 2015