Current Exhibition 2015: rise + fall

rise + fall, an exhibition of new works by Montgomery County-based visual artists Adjoa Burrowes and Lendeh Sherman, addresses current social and environmental issues through exploratory mixed media process and installation based works. This exhibition had a public opening reception on Friday, September 18, 2015, and will remain on view through December 4th, 2015.

Moved by recent police-involved shootings and the discussion surrounding these incidents in the media and beyond, Lendeh Sherman has created new works in conjunction with her ongoing project, “The Pain Portrait Series”.  Kramer Gallery is pleased to feature six portraits on silk from this project that monumentalize the grief-stricken faces of the families affected by the tragedies of police brutality and memorialize the lives lost. These looming and expansive works examine how empathy plays a role in conversations about the relationship between race and justice.  Adjoa Burrowes’ featured installation incorporates cardboard box materials that have been stripped, torn, folded, and manipulated entirely by hand into captivating sculpted forms.  The artist uses recycled boxes that were a part of her consumption over a period of time in order to create a snapshot of her consumer habits.  Utilizing materials and objects widely considered “waste”, Adjoa’s installation invites the viewer to contemplate his or her own consumption habits and their environmental impact.

Raised by parents who emigrated from Liberia, West Africa as foreign exchange students, Lendeh Sherman’s work draws inspiration from her African heritage and focuses on themes of identity in landscape, portraiture and pattern design. She studied at the advanced art program at the Visual Art Center in Kensington, Maryland and earned her BFA degree from The Cooper Union for the Advancement in Science and Art.  Lendeh has exhibited her artwork at International African Arts Festival, artdc Gallery at Lustine Center, the Embassy of Liberia in D.C., Artomatic, A.I.R. Gallery and FestAfrica. 

Adjoa Burrowes is a Chicago-born mixed media artist, educator, author and illustrator of over a dozen books for children. She received her BFA degree in printmaking from Howard University and completed her graduate studies in Art Education at Corcoran College of Arts and Design at The George Washington University. She has studied with contemporary artists in Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) and has presented her art work in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, the Netherlands and Paris.  Adjoa resides and maintains her studio practice in Silver Spring, Maryland.