Past Exhibition 2012: Fragility

weisser- silent voices 10 b large (2).jpg

Fragility marks a new direction for the Betty Mae Kramer Gallery.  Expanding the range of work featured in the Gallery, this exhibition showcases installations incorporating glass, fabric, and camera-less photography by two Montgomery County artists.

Nancy Weisser, a glass artist, and Woody Woodroof, a photographer, use unconventional materials and processes to create work that speaks to human and environmental vulnerability, an inner and outer fragility.  Weisser’s mixed-media installation, created specifically for this exhibition, is made from vitrograph, strands of glass with which Weisser “draws."  The work recreates objects from home, including a life-size bed.

Woodroof has also pushed the boundaries of his medium, photography.  Without the aid of a dark room, Woodroof creates banner-like cyanotype photograms. More commonly known as blueprints, cyanotypes are made using two chemicals that turn a dark blue when exposed to ultra violet light, in this case the sun.  To create his manipulated exposures, Woodroof uses plants commonly thought of as nuisances, such as poison hemlock, found on and near the farm where he lives and works.  Printed on cotton or hemp, the delicate images appear on both sides of the fabric, ghost-like silhouettes of botanical specimens.

Weisser’s and Woodroof’s work prompts both reconsideration of their respective mediums and viewer introspection. Weisser builds on traditional hot glass techniques to straddle the line between art and craft, sculpture and drawing.  Woodroof returns to hand-crafted images made without a camera, distilling photography to the essentials of light and shadow.  Weisser explores the human psyche, presenting pieces of domestic interiors, whose fragments trigger associations and memories unique for each viewer.  Woodroof’s ephemeral images highlight nature’s delicate balance, finding beauty in unexpected places.