Past Exhibition 2014: Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions explores the impact of digital technology on photography.  Each of the featured artists employs a varying degree of manipulation to enhance color, remove compositional elements, or emphasize formal relationships.  Many of the photographs resemble abstract paintings, privileging form, color, and line over subject. 

Jeff Sutton’s recent sojourn in Istanbul inspired many of the images included here. Their hyper-realism and saturated color result in enigmatic impressions that juxtapose sea, sky, and man-made structures, oftentimes with a mystical emptiness. Margaret Paris limits herself to the iPhone camera and Photoshop apps to create a series of vivid close-ups of plants and flowers. Bold contrasts and luminescent colors transform nature studies into sci-fi visions. Gordana Gerskovic magnifies her subject even more, finding patterns and texture in peeling paint or droplets of water, records of a recent visit to her native Croatia. 

Digital technology may have liberated contemporary photographers, but image modification is not a new phenomenon. Even the renowned 20th century photographer, Ansel Adams, combined craft with vision, dodging darks and burning lights to heighten dramatic effect. This exhibition leaves us wondering, is this reality or reality manipulated?