Past Exhibition 2014: Natural Origins

Inspired by the organic forms and patterns, the two artists of Natural Origins, Len Harris and Ellen Kalin, take abstract approaches to capture the essence of their subjects to create artworks with free flowing forms and designs that reside in the natural world.

Sculptor Len Harris strives to capture the essence of his subject with as little material as necessary. Drawing upon nature, emotions and movement, Len emphasizes the defining elements of his subject matter. First sketching his designs in impressive detail, his ideas take form as he boils and bends wooden strips into astonishingly creative, organic sculptures. Len Harris’s sculptural forms carry a light, free cadence that defines his distinct style.

With nature as a source of inspiration, Ellen Kalin creates textural atmospheres and vibrant landscapes, utilizing collage and ink in addition to her acrylic paints. Ellen breaks up her beautiful designs with banding patterns reminiscent of strata in the earth’s layers, coastlines, and horizons. Her sidewalk paintings explore the intersection of the natural and artificial worlds. Her bright, colorful jewel tones diverge from the often neutral, toned colors of her subject matter, yet touch upon the heart of the natural world.